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High Ground Exploration was formed in 2018 by Ryan Neufelder to fill a perceived niche in the oil and gas industry.  As the industry was recovering from the 2014 pricing collapse many operators found themselves under-staffed in their technical departments, but were either unwilling or unable to commit to hiring full time staff.  With experience working for some of the most aggressive independent oil and gas companies in the nation, I decided it was time to relocate my family back home to Southwestern Indiana and offer remote consulting to oil and gas companies nationwide.  

Now located in the heart of the Illinois Basin, I provide top tier geological services and develop prospects to feed an investment community hungry for opportunity outside of the core resource plays where entry costs and subsequent development CAPEX's are cost prohibitive for many. 

If you or your company have a need for professional geologic services or would like more information about the risks and rewards of investing in oil and gas development, please see my contact information below.     


Geological Consulting

Experienced across the Lower 48 with ability to quickly evaluate large or small prospects ranging from conventional oil to shale gas. Services include prospect evaluation, project management, geosteering, and more.

Illinois Basin Exploration

Actively developing conventional oil drilling prospects within the Illinois Basin. Prospects are typically privately placed with qualified investors or sold to local operators. Contact us for more information.

Mineral Appraisal and Purchasing

Have the ability to evaluate your minerals and provide an honest opinion about their potential worth based on volumetrics and decline curve analysis.  We are willing and able to either purchase your minerals or assist in you in finding potential purchasers .  

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